At present our main artist is Dwayne Kerr, an astonishingly gifted flute player and member of Erykah Badu’s band, Neda Stela. Since the release of his debut CD Flutation, Dwayne has quickly gained a diverse fan base in the United States and World wide. Dwayne is looking to build upon that fanbase with his present CD Higher Calling.

A look into Higher Calling

Dwayne explains; flute is often viewed as a complementary instrument played to soothing or relaxing music. Higher Calling is a musical venture combing Neo Soul,Funk, R&B with Smooth Jazz. The music crosses several genreā€™s to appeal to a broad listener base. With an aggressive approach to the music as well as playing style. Dwayne pushes the expected bounderies, thoughts and attitudes of what many people anticipate when listening to a typical flute CD. Higher Calling will leave you with a similar musical experience as when listening to a Sax or Guitar CD in the Smooth jazz genre, but with a twist of the unexpected spicey, sweet flavor that only the flute can deliver. Higher Calling emphasizes a smooth jazz artist who happens to play the flute, instead of just another smooth jazz flutist.