Higher CallingHigher Calling, Dwayne Kerr’s sophomore release, is a musical venture combining neo soul, funk,r&b with smooth jazz; a heavy dose of groove with a pinch of the unexpected spicy, sweet flavor that only the flute can deliver. With guest appearances by Erykah Badu and Kirk Whalum.

Dwayne’s note:

“Higher Calling represents so much more to me than being my sophomore project. It’s about growth as an individual as well as spiritually. Seeing the two merged and expressed through my music, touching people beyond the exterior of what’s heard but what’s felt when you are truly moved by the music. Higher Calling isn’t another Flute CD – it’s about an artist who’s expressing himself who happens to be a Flutist! One of my music teachers once told me (Doctor Makanda Ken McIntyre), “You are the instrument, the horn/vocal or whatever you’re playing is just an extension of that which emanates from you. The art is in the translation making the two, one voice. Welcome to Higher Calling!!!”

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