Dwayne plays Herbie Hancock’s classic Chameleon Beatbox Style on his Grenaditte C-Flute.



I always wanted to own a wood flute, but touring with the additional stress of

changing weather and climate can make traveling with a wood flute challenging.

The Grenaditte is great, it’s made with a polymer composite material.

Yes it’s a (plastic) flute…No problems no more worries!

It’s light weight making it ideal to travel and has a beautiful warm, dark and rich

tone. The action is really responsive…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! My Grenaditte

C Flute. ” I believe the Grenaditte is the next innovation in flute pioneer”.

Try One!!!

Dwayne Kerr

“The Funky Fluteman”



SMOOTH……from Higher Calling CD



Dwayne  play’s the Grenaditte C Flute…How Great thou Art



Higher Calling…..title track from Higher Calling CD



Dwayne’s interview with Brenda Simmons….(VOW) Voices of Wisdom